Shipping and Delivery

What is the turn around time for MONSTER PC custom gaming RIGs in Singapore?

At MONSTER PC, every RIG will take 5-7 working days for delivery. We bring it to your very doorsteps, and for no delivery charge*. However, do note that our custom RIGs are only available for Singapore users for now. We do not provide international shipment.

You must contact us at However, despite contacting us. We cannot change nor cancel your order once it has already been processed.

Payment Information

Crafted Gaming RIG (BUNLDE)

  • Payment can be made by internet Stripe, Pay-now, direct bank transfer payment

Custom Request Gaming RIG

  • Payment can be made by Pay-now, direct bank transfer payment

Do note that bank transfers between different banks can take around 3 working days or more. More payment methods will be supported in the future.

Technical Support of MONSTER PC’s Custom Gaming RIGs

PC seems to be malfunctioning

Coverage of Warranty for MONSTER PC custom PCs

MONSTER PC WARRANTS our custom computers against defects in merchandise and workmanship for a period of TWO YEARS from the Date of Original Retail Purchase.
>3 Years Warrenty (1st Year Onsite) - CUSTOM FULL BULD with OS (Processor, Motherboard, Memory, SSD, HDD,Power Supply, Case & Activated OS)
>1 Year Warrenty (offsite only)  - CUSTOM BUILD only

MONSTER PC offers free repair diagnosis for all computers built by us that is malfunctioning. Please contact us for schedule an appointment

MONSTER PC provides lifetime technical support for all of our products. However additional component replacement charges or repair fees may apply.

MONSTER PC does not provide on-site repair service(For Onsite Warrenty). However, customers can schedule an appointment with us to collect the PC from the place of the customer’s choice and have it delivered back to you once the issue has been resolved.However, do note that this service is only valid for one year from the purchase date. Alternatively, you may choose to leave the computer at our support center.Alternatively, if a computer component is faulty or damaged, customers can choose to contact the distributor of the components directly for a replacement.

>MONSTER PC  warrants the original purchaser that any part of the hardware system, excluding software, documentation, and similar terms will be free of defects of both workmanship and materials for the warranty period include with the purchase. (Starting from the date of collection or delivery.)

>During the product’s warranty period, MONSTER PC will repair or replace defective hardware for defects specified and found in the PC. This will be done without any labor charge for the 1st year and the cost of parts will also be provided free of charge during the 1st Year warranty period. For 2nd and 3rd year there will be $20 fee per defective hardware . Parts may not be the same but will be equivalent or better parts

>MONSTER PC shall, under no circumstances, be liable to provide warranty service for products that have been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse or misapplication, for example, unauthorized overclocking.  Hard knocks and/or dropping the unit. Exposing the unit to excessive moisture. Improper placement of the unit causing excessive heat build up. OS corruption due to software abuse – piracy and/or incorrect use of the software.

>This also applies if the hardware service tag has been removed or defaced or if the product has been modified without textual agreement from MONSTER PC.