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Intel Core i7-10700K Review

Posted on28 June 2020

The Intel Core i7-10700K also comes with a 3.8-GHz base clock that, paired with its 16 threads, improves its standing against price-comparable Ryzen processors in threaded desktop PC applications, while the snappy single-threaded performance gives it an outright win in lightly-threaded apps. The Core i7-10700K also proves to be a nimble overclocker that doesn't generate an untenable amount of excess heat, so off-the-shelf water coolers can unlock big gains. 

Overall, the Core i7-10700K gives you nearly the same gaming performance as the Core i9-10900K, but for less, and overclocking eliminates any meaningful difference in gaming performance between the chips. You also get extremely competitive single-threaded performance at stock settings. 

The Core i7-10700K is a stellar overclocker that yields big performance gains with reasonable conventional cooling solutions, like high-end air coolers or mid-range AIOs. In contrast, the Core i9-10900K essentially comes overclocked out of the box, so performance gains are slim. It also sucks a prodigious amount of power, thus requiring expensive cooling solutions. 

Overall, the Intel Core i5-10600K is the best value for gaming-focused builds, while the Ryzen 9 3900X is obviously the best choice for threaded productivity work. Conversely, the 10700K is a far better value for gamers than the 10900K, particularly if they're not afraid to overclock and therefore gain access to essentially the same level of gaming performance.