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Best Resolution For Gaming

Posted on01 February 2020

1080p / FHD

Running at 1080p resolution is considered the entry-level and is a great option if on a tight budget or a competitive gamer. Many competitive gamers play at 1080p for two reasons, firstly running a lower resolution has lower performance requirements which makes it much easier to achieve higher frame rates to play at the higher refresh rate of 240Hz. Secondly, competitive gamers tend to prefer playing on smaller 24 Inch monitors so that everything on the screen can be seen without needing to move your head. From the previous section, you can see that a 24-inch monitor is well suited for 1080p gaming. For 1080p gaming will recommend using from GTX 1660 Super or RT 590 for graphic card performance.

1440p / 2K

When comparing 1080p vs 1440p, 1440p has double the pixels of 1080p and allows you to experience much better visuals whilst being able to play at high refresh rates if you have a mid to high-end PC. We recommend 1440p / 2K resolution for most gamers who want to enjoy a better visual quality of gameplay. Our recommendation is a 27 Inch 1440p monitor if you are sitting 2-3ft away from your screen. For 1440p gaming will recommend using from RTX 2070 Super or RT 5700 for graphic card performance.

2160p / 4K

Traditionally 4K monitors were extremely expensive but they are becoming more affordable every day. However, we believe that playing at a higher refresh rate is much more important for your gaming experience than playing at a higher resolution. For 2160p gaming will recommend using from RTX 2080Ti or SLI RTX 2080Ti for graphic card performance.