Introducing the MasterLiquid Maker 92

This revolutionary new cooler is a first in Cooler Master, and brings a new option to meet the specific demands of PC building enthusiasts.Understand that people have different needs in the way they configure their systems and that they desire the performance of AIO water cooling but sometimes cannot combine one with their current choice of case and PC system. Now you have a new option in a compact liquid cooler that can swivel to fit multiple dimensions


Switch and Swivel

Choose between vertical and horizontal cooler configurations that perfectly suit you case and airflow needs.


Liquid and Air

A single tower utilizes superior AIO liquid cooling with dual fans for improved static pressure and maximized cooling.


Compact Body

A combined pump and radiator in one easily installable unit brings liquid cooling to smaller builds and tighter PC case layouts.


Easy Installation

Reduce the fuss of a traditional liquid cooler and install this one just like an air cooler. In minutes.


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