Verge TG RGB

The front glass of the VERGE is raised from the front panel to let air in to its side air vents. The glass looks sharp and opens up to a mesh bottom grill for more air intake.  

Aside from it's looks, the VERGE is a very capable chassis.  Motherboard compatibility is upto an EATX size.  2x hard drives are standard on the drive cage, but there's 2 extra slots for mATX motherboard users.  The 2 hard drive trays are removable and dampened for easy install and positioned on top of the PSU chamber.  SSD's are also compatible with 3 more extra slots.

Radiator options are plenty for the VERGE with 240/280/360 size capabilities up top and in front.

There are other small details to consider like the extra pci covers, usb slot covers, paint, cable hooks, side panel thumb screws that you'll never lose, and more.

Definitely a keeper.


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